Welcome to the RCN Forum, which uses the Hivebrite platform to connect regenerative practitioners globally and support and amplify some of the work on the ground of the Regenerative Communities Network (RCN). We are pleased to provide the Regenerative Communities Network Guide as an overview of the context, goals, collaborative process, current members, and joining process for the Regenerative Communities Network. This Guide is published under a Creative Commons license and anyone with this link is free to make comments that will be continuously incorporated to enhance the Guide.

The vision of the RCN is a mosaic of place-sourced, bioculturally diverse, and regenerative economies fractally linked across scales. The mission of the RCN is to be a global action network designed to support place-based transformation towards regenerative economies.

We are grateful for all of your efforts towards a regenerative world, and invite you to nominate your bioregion to join the RCN if it is not yet represented.

Stuart Cowan, Systems Convener, Regenerative Communities Network

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