Welcoming Joe Brewer as "Capacity Cultivator" for our Network

We are excited to share that Joe has joined the leadership team at Regenerative Communities Network to help grow the capacities for this network of regenerative projects around the world. He comes with a passion for weaving ideas, people, and processes that move humanity closer to health and resilience. Joe is based in the Regenerate Costa Rica Hub and lives with his family at Rancho Margot in the northern rainforest of Costa Rica.

A key area of emphasis for his work will be to help bring greater cohesion to our collective story as we strive to connect local efforts within bioregions to global goals that must be reached in order to restore planetary health later this century. This includes helping weave the educational offerings of the numerous organizations and projects doing regenerative work on the ground. He will reach out to all of you soon about how we can collaborate to make the physical network of projects more visible and easy to navigate for existing practitioners -- and perhaps more importantly, for the huge numbers of new people who will need to be "re-tooled" with regenerative practices so that they can participate in the spread of regenerative economics throughout the world in coming decades.

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